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Cold Menu Selections

Priced per person. Beverages sold separately. China, glassware and silverware available upon request for additional fee.

Assorted Salad Luncheon

Crunchy Chinese Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing Hearts of Romaine Caesar Salad With Grilled Chicken on the Side, Egg and Leek Salad

Homemade Tuna Salad

With Finely Chopped Celery and Scallions, Penne Pasta Salad With Artichoke Hearts, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Pesto Assorted Grain Breads and Rolls, Fresh Fruit Platter, Assorted Fruit Bars

$16.30 per Person

Gourmet Assorted Salad

Homemade Farro Salad with Kale, Pomegranate & Maple Vinaigrette, Greek Pasta Salad
With Tomato, Kalmata Olives, Red Onions & Feta Panzanella Salad With Cubed Bread, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Basil Mixed Greens with Roasted Beets, Mandarins, Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans & Balsamic Vinaigrette

Nicoise Salad with Salmon
Hard Boiled Egg, Cherry Tomato, Haricot Vert Served With Boiled New Potatoes Kalmata Olives With Champagne Vinaigrette, Bowl of Mixed Berries, Assorted Dinner Rolls, French Maccaroons

$19.00 per Person

Boxed Sandwich Lunches

Choice of Sandwiches:
Fresh Roasted Turkey, Roasted Chicken, Smoked Ham, Roast Beef, Tuna, Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Avocado and Sprouts, Eggplant and Sun Dried Tomato, Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce and Tomato
Served on Fresh Bread, Pasta Salad of the Day, Potato Chips, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

$13.15 per Person

Boxed Salad Lunches

Chef Salad
Julienne Turkey, Smoked Ham, Monterey Jack Cheese, Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs, Tomato and Cucumber.

 Caesar Salad
With Hearts of Romaine, Shaved Asiago and Garlic Croutons Available With Chicken

Spinach Salad
Crispy Pancetta, Hard Boiled Eggs, Sunflower Seeds & Plum Tomatoes

Chinese Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken with Peanut Dressing, Sliced Lettuce, Cilantro, Carrots, Scallions, and Crisp Noodles Served With Assorted Dressings, Bread and Butter, Homemade Cookies

$13.15 per Person

Executive Boxed Sandwich

Choice of Sandwiches: BLT Served on Baguette

Roasted Chicken With Chipotle Aioli, Jack Cheese & Avocado Served on Croissant

Roasted Portabella Mushroom With Pesto, Balsamic & Pickled Red Onion Mixed Greens & Cherry Tomatoes Served on Focaccia

Curried Chicken Salad
With Tomato, Kalmata, Red Onions & Feta Served on Croissant

Prosciutto, Brie & Dry Fig Served on Baguette

Kettle Chips Greek Pasta Salad French Macaroons

$16.65 per Person

Meat & Cheese Platter

Roasted Turkey, Deli Turkey, Roast Beef, Smoked Ham Salami, Avocado, Sprouts and Cucumber Cheddar, Jack and Swiss, Penne Pasta Salad With Artichoke, Sundried Tomatoes & Pesto Served With Mixed Green Garden Salad With Sweet Italian Dressing, Fresh Fruit Platter, Sandwich Bread, Assorted Homemade Cookies

$16.30 per Person

Mediterranean Sandwich

Assorted Lavosh Sandwiches Including:
Turkey with Cranberry & Cream Cheese, Smoked Ham

Smoked Salmon & Roasted Red Peppers with Goat Cheese Greek Salad With Kalmata Olives, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Feta and Vinaigrette Orzo Salad With Feta Sundried Tomatoes & Parsley, Hummus, Dolmas and Pita Chips, Fresh Fruit Platter , Baklava

$16.30 per Person

Trayed Sandwich Catering

Assorted Sandwiches on a Variety of Breads
(Fresh Turkey Breast, Herbed Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, Smoked Ham, Tuna, Avocado, Sprouts, Cucumber and Cheese), Green Salad, Penne Pasta Salad, Fresh Fruit Platter, Homemade Cookies

$15.60 per Person

Tea Luncheon

Assorted Tea Sandwiches
Chicken Salad with Smoked Almonds Cucumber, Goat Cheese and Water Cress, Egg Salad with Finely Sliced Leek, Smokey Turkey with Arugula Mayonnaise Smoked Salmon and Wasabi, Assorted French and Italian Cheeses with Chilled Grapes Freshly Baked Scones, Assorted Seasonal Petit Fours, Bowl of Berries, Assorted Hot Teas

$18.50 per Person

VIP Trayed Sandwich

BLT Served on Baguette

Crab Salad Served on a Croissant

Roasted Chicken With Chipotle Aioli, Jack Cheese & Avocado Served on Croissant

Roasted Portabella Mushroom With Pesto, Balsamic & Pickled Red Onion Mixed Greens & Cherry Tomatoes Served on Focaccia

Prosciutto & Brie & Dry Fig Served on Baguette

Arugula with Mandarins, Slivered Fennel, Feta Candy Pecans, Champagne Vinaigrette Fresh Mixed Berries, Seasonal Fruit Tartlet Petit Fours

$19.65 per Person